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Interesting Structure

Interesting structure

This was another interesting decorative structure. No purpose except to make a statement.  If you notice, the picture seems crooked. It isn’t. The building is. Okay, so the building was probably fine. I was crooked.

Hope you have a lovely day and are enjoying my pictures. This was also taken at the Arboretum. 🙂


Japanese Maple

I adore Japanese Maple trees. They’re beautiful, like lacy sculptures of fine art. But they don’t like me. I’ve tried, and so did my mother, several times to grow them. Alas, I left well enough alone and now that I found a beautiful specimen at the Arboretum, if I decide I just have to have another, I can look at this one and get over it.

japanese maple (427x640)

Persistence can be a good thing. But sometimes we have to compromise!

Have a terrific day. What day is it now???


Stained Glass Window Art

stained glass window art2 (416x640)

When I was at the Arboretum, I was fascinated not only by the flowers and gardens, water gardens, nature walks, garden structures and statues, but also by some of the buildings there. This one had the prettiest stained glass windows.

And I even managed to capture me in the beauty.  🙂  The rainbow of colors, the flowers and leaves?

I had never seen it before. And yet, it had always been there. I wonder how many other things I have seen, but… have never seen?


Don’t you love the artistic window?

Garden Structures & Review of Cougar’s Mate

arbor1 (458x640)

Even though I love nature for nature’s sake, sometimes something like this simply made garden structure is really appealing. The little brick wall and stone patio add to it. And I loved the old fashioned lantern right in the center of the arbor.

It made me want to stop and enjoy it as much as I would stop to enjoy taking pictures of the flowers.

What about you?

Okay, I had to share a great new review also for Cougar’s Mate:

Cougar’s Mate (Heart of the Cougar – Book 1) by Terry Spear

Publication Date: 03/07/2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Format
Imprint: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 252
ISBN-10: 1496138775
ISBN-13: 978-1496138775

(Received for an honest review from Terry Spear)

Purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Indiebound

Terry Spear on the WEB: website, twitter, facebook, goodreads



From Debbie’s Book Bag


Bestselling Author Terry Spear takes readers on a new adventure with the first book in a new shifter series, Heart of the Cougar. This time cougar’s that take center stage, as Spear builds her new series around another powerful, intelligent animal. Cougar’s Mate introduces readers to the town of Yuma, Colorado, ran by cougar shifters and open to helping heroine Shannon Rafferty who is on the run from those who want her dead. Deputy Chase Buchanan doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, but he knows he has to protect this woman, this she-cat who has stolen his heart.  

What I liked:

I am a Terry Spear fan from way back. And hearing that she had a new series out about another group of shifters was tantamount to Christmas for me. Spear has a way of writing that not only pulls the reader in, but it also keeps them interested and not just through one particular novel, but through everything they can possibly find that she’s written. She has an easy word flow and style that makes her writing accessible and engaging. Her characters are always intense and well developed and her world building is beyond phenomenal and I was so excited to see where she would go with her new cougar shifters. I was certainly not disappointed. Yuma is quite a town!


Bottom Line:

This is an exceptional paranormal romance. Terry Spear never disappoints. She creates characters that readers can relate to, whether they are paranormal or not. Her world building is a real strength in her writing, as is her easy style and humor. If you are looking for an engaging love story that just happens to involve cougar shifters, this one is one to read.

Cougar’s Mate is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I’m giving this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!


Okay, now with a review like that, why wouldn’t I love to write? Thanks so much to Deb and others like her who have shared how much they love my works!



A Bird’s Home

IMG_5831 (640x427)

Before and after pictures of a bird’s home. First, it’s the nest without the bird and I thought it was a dove’s nest as I kept seeing a dove fly out of that tree. But then a couple of days later, I saw a red beak and knew I had mistaken the bird that lived there.


cardinal in her nest (640x547)

The cardinal and she just watched me as I drew close enough to take a picture, but tried not to scare her off. I think she’s sitting on her eggs, protecting them from the Easter bunny.

Hope you have a lovely Monday and had a grand Easter weekend!


Everything’s Coming Up Roses

A few days ago, I posted about the yellow roses that have appeared.
yellow roses pink background (427x640)

But a couple of days ago, my Knock-out roses began to bloom.

IMG_5837 (640x619)

We have heat, humidity, drought, drenching rains, heavy black clay soil, so not the perfect climate for a lot of plants. My mother had Blaze red roses that were beautiful against the white brick, but they were subject to black mildew and black spot and so my dad finally removed them all. It was sad, but they put in a lot of crepe myrtles that blossom all summer and are mildew and black spot resistant.

Then I found the roses at one of the home supply and garden centers that were purportedly resistant to all the stuff that plagued the Blaze. So a couple of years ago, I planted the one and it was so successful, the flowers blooming nearly every month of the year without any hassle, no fungacide, no bug spray, no special fertilizers, that I was won over. They’re Knock-out roses, beautiful, and at least for now, seem perfect for here. I even over-water a bit because two of them are by a cypress tree and lots of jasmine cover, so I need to water some during our awful droughts. But they don’t seem to mind.

IMG_5844 (640x427)

It’s good to keep a color scheme that is more uniform, which makes it more showy. And red really stand out. But when I went to get some red, they were sold out. The pink were beautiful, so I picked up one of those that first year, then the next year planted another pink in that same area and a red in another area.
IMG_5855 (640x640)

So for my mom and dad, they are a memorial to their hard work at trying to make the roses viable.

frozen rose (800x633)

This was a frozen rose that had been blooming through winter.

Back to working on A SEAL Wolf for Sale!

Ever been to a Honey-Do Auction? Bachelor Auction?

Some of those paying are really high rollers!

Have a great Saturday!