Playing Catch Up from My Research Trip

I had a blast in Minnesota!! And now it’s back to reality. It was so nice and cold there and I get home and it’s hot, hot, hot. Back to shorts, sandals and sleeveless shirts. Was bitten by a fire ant while I was feeding the birds or watering the new shrubs, not sure which. But it reminded me that I was HOME. The cardinals were upset that I’d returned. You’d think they’d learn that Terry = food. Dumb birds. lol

Luna playing with Denali

Luna playing with Denali

From wolves to the Mall of America where they had fun shops, Legoland, Nickleodian and an aquarium, I finally ended my whirlwind trip all over Minnesota! And had a fantastic time!

Mall of America

Mall of America

Legoland Mall of America dragon

Legoland Mall of America dragon

Poisonous Blue Dart Frog

Poisonous Blue Dart Frog


In Jaguar Fever, I mentioned the black caiman, which is about 8 feet in length, not small like this one. And I mentioned the poisonous dart frogs in Jaguar Pride.



Turtles (640x482)

It would have been so much fun to be a kid here!

My "Hotel" Office in White Bear

My “Hotel” Office in White Bear

Off to the post office to ship books and bears and then back to work on Call of the Cougar. I have another about 6 pages to type up and then reread it all again. 🙂 ❤

Have you been to the Mall of America?

Have a super Thursday!!!


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2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up from My Research Trip

  1. Thanks so much, Lin! I had so much fun! Now I have to knuckle down and work! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the pictures! I’ve got to get a new disk for the camera. I took a couple shy of 3,000 pictures! 🙂 ❤

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