Have You Ever Been to a Renaissance Fair? & Wolf Awareness Week Continues!

Going to a Renaissance Fair in Texas can be challenging–clothes wise.  You’re trying to dress up in period clothes and its HOT!

Anyway, my son-in-law is dressing up for the first time, and I’m excited. I’m wearing cooler. 🙂  I just throw some stuff together. We don’t go to them enough to pay a lot of money on costumes and I had a few things from some other events I wore, so should work. It’s the fantasy theme, so that should be fun.

Denali, Bolz, and Luna at fence where workers were doing something

Denali, Bolz, and Luna at fence where workers were doing something

Curious and interested in what was going on. Food maybe? They were fed once a week like they would be fed in the wild.

Wolf behind purple leaves

Wolf behind purple leaves

And it’s fun time with bears!

Sherbert bear on fur

Sherbert bear on fur

Feather Bear Large

Feather Bear Large

Feather Bear Small

Feather Bear Small

And pictures from the Renaissance Fair we went to a few years back. 🙂

KnightfightingRenn Faire 002 (480x640) Jenn2 (480x640)Renn Faire 003 (480x640)

Okay, off to work. Got Jaguar Pride final proof to review back and more beta reader critiques for A Silver Wolf Christmas, and more bear orders, and what am I doing playing around with pictures again???

I did turn in SEAL Wolf Hunting! 🙂

🙂 ❤

Have a great Friday! Happy TGIF!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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