Sharp Shinned Hawk Waiting for Breakfast–Family of Teddy Bears, and a New Teddy Bear!

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Yep. He’s waiting for the birds to come down and eat the birdseed on the tray. Lazy hawk. Not that I’m going to put any birdseed on the tray. For now. The birds will have to make due with bugs.

Another bear finished for the lovely Momma, Papa, and Baby Bear set.

Papa, Momma and Baby Bear

Papa, Momma and Baby Bear

And this is a mauve kind of bear with a little bit of black. Thought she was really cute.

Plum and Black Bear

Plum and Black Bear


And I’m back to proofing Call of the Cougar. Turned in Jaguar Pride and two promo blogs I had to do. One is a teen wolf Halloween flash fiction. I thought of using one of my wolf packs, but I couldn’t come up with a story I liked in short order.

So, I’m back to work. Have tons of bears to work on too.

And another conference to go to. I am NOT doing this next year again. And yet, I’ve already booked 4 things for Feb and April, asked to come to something in Oct and Dec, and June. More on that later. *sigh*

Off to work on Call of the Cougar! 🙂  Have a super, wonderful Wednesday!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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