Having Fun is the Key–Coastal Magic Readers’ Convention, Daytona Beach, Florida

Linda Townsend, her Plum Bear and Me 300x500

Linda Townsend, her Plum Bear and Me, before we went to the Mad Hatter party. Daytona Beach, Coastal Magic Readers’ Convention.

Omigosh, I had the WORST trip out to the convention: ice delays in Dallas, missed flight to Atlanta, flashing silver lights at the Atlanta airport warning that there was an emergency, and apparently someone had set off the fire alarm, and we were afraid we were going to have to be evacuated when our flight was leaving in just a few minutes, and then when I arrived in Daytona Beach, I had a ruined suitcase and had to buy a new one.

The return trip was MUCH, MUCH better. 🙂 ❤

But no matter what, I had a blast at the convention. Everyone was super friendly, and listening to the ocean made me wish I was living there year round. When I’m done at a convention, I’m ready to go home. You know how it is, home sweet home. But there I was this morning with the door open, listening to the seagulls and the waves pounding the beach, and it really was hard to leave. I was thinking how enjoyable it would be sitting there writing my SEAL stories. LOL 🙂

Palm Trees Daytona Beach

Okay, I have tons of pictures to show, but for now, this is it. I’ve got to pick up my puppies tomorrow and I have deadlines galore, so I’ll share as I can. Plus, I was still uploading programs that I need on my computer that were deleted when they cleaned my computer because of the virus. Ugh. So I’ve got a million things to get done now.

Have a super Tuesday…it’s too late to wish you a wonderful Monday. 🙂


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