Did You April Fool Anyone?

Pink Max

Pink Max

Pink Max really wasn’t pink at all. I am way too busy to turn my dog pink. I’m having a time enough brushing out tangles. 🙂 That was an April Fool’s joke for yesterday. Did it work??? 🙂 ❤

Fairy Bear

Fairy Bear

But I finished Fairy Bear for an order.

Rainbow Bear

Rainbow Bear

And I finished Rainbow Bear and Grizzly Bear. I couldn’t find the picture of the one I finished. 😦

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Max and I have obedience training tonight. We are learning to sit/Place for 2 mins. I don’t have a stopwatch, and I don’t think it’s working. Him sitting for 2 mins. The problem is that I have both puppies sitting. I can’t leave Tanner out. So either one or the other move before time is up. If one moves, the other moves. The other new thing we’re learning is Over Place. This is where they move from one Place to another. You use your body to exaggerate Place on the other spot. They don’t do badly for going to the one side, but when I have them go to the other, they hesitate. Tanner is always first. He gets things much quicker. After a while, you should be able to just motion with your hand and give the command. We have a LONG ways from doing that. But, they are moving from one Place to another, so I remind myself it just takes time to learn all this stuff.

For sitting on Place and not moving, I think for obedience trials it’s 5 mins. And the owner actually leaves the room. We watched the dogs sitting in trials doing that. A beautiful brown standard poodle just couldn’t last. She wiggled her butt on the floor, so anxious to leave and find her owner. Finally, she stood up. And walked off her Place. She had trouble with everything. She didn’t go over some of the barriers, came around them or went over some the wrong way. They had some border collies that are so smart and they just did everything perfectly. 🙂

But I will say that I have been taking Max out without being on leash for a week and a half and he’s done great. He only tried to run after a car once and using the collar remote, I called him back and he immediately stopped the behavior and hasn’t done it again.

Need to ship bears this morning and run other errands. I HATE running errands. So my heroine in She-Wolf hates running errands.

So I’m trying to resolve another issue: Max has terrible eye stain for one eye, so one thing they said to do was feed distilled water rather than my regular water. I don’t think it’s making any difference. But my water is heavy with minerals and they said that can cause for eye stains. I have grooming eye wipes. They do NOTHING. I also have Tear Stain chews. It does NOTHING. I ordered something from Amazon and it should arrive in a few days. So we shall see. But also, I read adding a couple of drops of white vinegar can change the ph in their tears and that might help. I haven’t tried it, just picked it up, don’t have anything to measure out just a couple of drops, but that’s next. They say it can be caused by allergins, smoke (nobody smokes in the family), tear ducts that are too shallow–I even have that problem, so any number of things. The bad part is once the hair is stained, it’s stained. You can’t wash it out, according to sites when I was researching it

Okay, back to the book. I’m ONLY 11,618 words away from word count. Normally, with being that close to the end, I can write it in a couple of days. But with the puppies as a constant distraction, it’s taking longer. Not to mention I had to stop and make bears. Need to start on another!

Have a super great Thursday!!!

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2 thoughts on “Did You April Fool Anyone?

  1. Sorry that Max is not really pink, I thought it was quite becoming. My neighbors had a dog named Oscar that had pink toe nails. I’m fairly sure Oscar’s masculinity did not suffer. Maybe my dogs teased him, I don’t know. The person I planned to April fool yesterday did not buy my story about her car just getting towed. Or that I was bringing the scout troupe over for dinner. Sigh I must be out of practice or people are smarter than they once were. I will plan ahead for next year. lol

    • LOL about Oscar and his pink toenails. When poodles were so much the rage, they dyed them different colors.

      LOL on your April Fool’s Day no takers. You will really have to work on that. LOL 🙂 ❤

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