Roses at the Castle Gate…

Hey, I write fiction, so to me, this is my castle and it looks like the roses could be at a castle gate, so…that’s what it is. roses at the castle gate (640x427) copy Everything is in bloom. The Everblooming roses, pictured here in hot pink, macro shot, wind blowing them around, but still got a pretty good shot. And shrubs I didn’t realize bloom are in bloom. I’m working on She-Wolf, only 500 words to go to get word count, though I’ll still need to write a lot more to finish it. And I’m working on Huntress for Hire proofing for the audiobook, which is 9 hours plus long, and I’ve gotten through 2 hours of it. And that’s it! Except for constantly taking the furry ones out, researching about marijuana, not for me, for the story, and, well, yes, stopping to take pictures, can’t help myself, I’m trying to remain focused on She-Wolf. Oh, have 8 bear orders to do also. Okay, back to work! Happy Saturday!

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