Roses = Romance

Knockout Red Roses

Knockout Red Roses

Knockout Hot Pink Rose

Knockout Hot Pink Rose

Red Blaze?

Red Blaze?

Lady Banks Roses

Lady Banks Roses

When I think of roses, I think of romance, weddings, anniversaries, love.

What do you think of?

I got word count! Over it. Still working on edits and then will be finishing the book. Still haven’t written a couple of must have scenes and the climax and end. 🙂 ❤ But also listening to the audiobook for Huntress for Hire. Worked on another 3 hours of it. Have another 3 and a half hours to listen to and proof.

Off to work! Have a super great Monday! It’s a misty rain this morning, lots of lightning. Great vampire writing day. Which, Huntress for Hire is, so maybe I should work on it first??? 🙂 Sunny days are for werewolves. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Roses = Romance

  1. My Mom had lots of roses so they give me childhood memories of relatives, friends, and neighbors visiting on Sunday afternoon. Mom would always have roses to share with the other women, and rarely did anyone leave without some. I would spend the afternoon playing with the other kids, or just entertaining myself. That must be how I came to love reading. Thanks to all the nice authors that provide us with good reading! Cheers

    • Ahhh, now that’s really sweet of your mother. I had something like that in one of my stories, Exchanging Grooms, where the mother-in-law to be and the daughter-in-law to be both had a love of roses. The mom shared with the DIL. And the son even had grown one for a fair when he was a kid. I think sharing them is such a lovely thing to do. And if you can root them, even better, to give that plant a history. I’ve tried rooting plants, but no success at it. Don’t do too well at planting seeds either. I need a plant, or a sapling and then I’m good to go. For a couple of years, I got 500 pine tree and oak saplings to plant along a ridge where we lived in OK. I wanted to help stop erosion on the hill side. It was really rocky, so a job to work with, but I was out there in the snow and rain, planting away. 🙂 I love trees and flowers and shrubs. 🙂

      Thanks for loving our books and for being an avid reader, Tom!

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