The Silent Storm

I’m sure it wasn’t silent at all. I wake to any sound, but last night, I was soooo dead to the world. I woke at 6:30, never that late. I heard nothing, saw nothing. We were supposed to have torrential rains and horrific winds. I woke this morning, wondering what had happened. No storm? How did I sleep so late?

Last night when I went to get the mail, hundreds of birds were frantically flying over the house and fields. Hundreds circling and calling to each other in a panic. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I thought: This is a warning that the storms they’re predicting are going to be bad. But nothing had awakened me, so nothing had happened. The video, if it shows up, wasn’t very good. I had gone out to get the mail, so only had my phone with me, and I haven’t taken video of anything like this before, so wasn’t sure if the birds were showing up or not. They were flying off and back, and circling, so it was hard to get them all to stay in one place for me. lol

But nearer the end, you can see tons of birds flying around, and hear them the whole time. I’ve never seen anything like it either and we’ve been having lots of storms. I’m sure this is all due to Tropical Storm Bill in the Gulf. We’re located in Central Texas, about 4 hours from the coast.

Flooded Culvert

Flooded Culvert

Flooded Culvert Flowing Downhill

Flooded Culvert Flowing Downhill

Flooded Field

Flooded Field

Lake in Driveway

Lake in Yard

lake in driveway (360x640)

Lake in Driveway

Lake in Side Drive

Lake in Side Drive

So no tornado warnings today, more rain coming in a little bit and lasting for hours, and we’re under flash flood warning until this evening. Hopefully, the water will go down before the next bout comes, if predictions are right, in about an hour. I still can’t believe I slept through everything, but that means as long as I have Internet, I’m off to write!

Have a super great day!!!


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