I’m Not Really Behind…

I was thinking I was behind on posting my blog today. But in truth, I was cleaning out kitchen cabinets and getting boxes of stuff ready to give away. So that makes me not behind. Because I’m ahead in cleaning. Don’t you see? And I was getting stuff ready to ship.

Purple Bubblegum Bear

Purple Bubblegum Bear

This is the latest creation. New fabric. Isn’t she cute?

Fog at Sunrise

Fog at Sunrise

Love Fog

Love Fog

Yesterday, we had fog. Why is that cool? Besides making an interesting picture in depth perception, it’s just cool, for real. I mean, it’s been so hot, when it cools down, fog happens! And that makes it the coolest. The puppies got me up at 2:30 that morning, and it was still hot. At 7 am, it was much cooler. And that’s when the fog rolled in. I loved it. This morning? Hot.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

And I caught a scissor-tailed flycatcher watching me. I had actually taken the camera out front to take more pictures of the cool fog and snapped a few of him.

And, and, and, then I found this!

White Crepe Myrtle

White Crepe Myrtle

A volunteer underneath my cypress tree. What’s so unusual about it? I have red, watermelon, and pink crepe myrtles. NO WHITE crepe myrtles. Until now. Isn’t that fascinating?

Life is truly wondrous.

Back to my regularly scheduled writing. But I’m in a real cleaning out mood. What should I tackle next?

Writing. 🙂

Have a super great Saturday!!!


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