Decorating and Dusting and Cleaning Out–Happy Thanksgiving!!

Do you have stuff that you never use, just clutters up the place??? I’ve been “cleaning out” for years. Really. And yet, I still have tons and tons and tons of stuff to clean out. Sooooo, I’m doing it all, decorating for Christmas, dusting while I’m at it, and cleaning out.

WHAT a job. I’ve been taking stuff to Goodwill, and will take some things to a resale shop. I need my big Suburban now. Though when I fold down the back seats for the Escape, it has quite a bit of room.

So I checked the weather, wondering if it is ever going to get cool. 73 today, 70 tomorrow, and ohmigod, a winter blast to knock our socks off. It’s time for woolen underwear, layers and layers of clothing and we’re going to be at the North Pole. 35/43 Saturday, and 40/47 on Sunday. Brrr. But then it’s warming back up but only to the 50s and 60s and it’s going to be in the 30s in the morning. This morning? 66. So warm. And we’re having rain all week.

Okay, so here’s some of the done decorating.

Bears with Santas

Bears with Santas

Miniature bear and animals, and now, don't make these

Miniature bear and animals, and now, don’t make these

Blue Santas and Wolf

Blue Santas and Wolf

Leather Santa

Leather Santa

Santa Bear and Sleigh

Santa Bear and Sleigh



Okay, lots more to do and no time to do it! Have a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and if not, have a super Thursday!!!

Off to see when I get to start my turkey breast…. I can almost smell it already!  Yum…


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