Colorful Birds at the Mall

20160405_103752 (360x640)20160405_103803 (640x360)20160405_103728 (360x640)20160405_103743 (360x640)I wasn’t sure if any of these pictures would turn out because the birds were behind glass, but I had to show the one with all of them on the tree and just how colorful they were. And how birds of a feather, sleep together. 🙂

Sherbet Bear 001 (640x577)Just as colorful as Sherbet Bear. Last order, and it’s back to proofing the print version of the The Viking’s Highland Lass.

Hope you have a great day! I found the tax office to register my car and so now it’s time to stay at home and just write! 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Wilde & Woolly Bears

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