Sale!!! Need a Wolf Fix?

Merlin SEAL 2lots of wolf pups (2) (640x256)

Books 1-5 of the Silver Town Wolf series. From tomorrow, April 20th, though May 3rd the following titles will be $0.99 across eretailers:

Destiny of the Wolf

Wolf Fever

Dreaming of the WolfSilver Town Wolf Price Promotion Graphic

Silence of the Wolf

Okay, really running late on everything this morning. So got to get going. Not sure about the weather situation.

momma sherbet and baby pink rainbow bear 002 (534x640)I finished these up for an order, well, have to embroider their paws, and working on Daddy Bear.

And Best Friends Bear (640x578)And working on a Best Friends order, a Tinsel Bear order, and a purple party bear order. 🙂

Purple Bear (557x640)Christmas tinsel bear 002 (640x615)Just have to embroider her paws.

And I’m working on another brown bear. I call it Teddy Roosevelt (the bear style).  I lost his head last night, or he would have been finished. Long story. lol

Have a super great day! I’m working on SEAL Wolf Undercover too…..


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Wilde & Woolly Bears

4 thoughts on “Sale!!! Need a Wolf Fix?

  1. Love the BEARS!
    Do you know if eBooks can be downloaded on a PC ?
    I have Downloaded the AUDIBLES on my PC, because my Tablet keeps
    telling me there is no enough space to download.
    so I know if I try download Kindle to do the eBooks on my tablet I won’t be able to do it.
    because I can access them from either the tablet or my Phone.

    • Yes, I listen to audibles on my PC and read e-books too. There is an app you can download from Amazon site and then you just download to your “cloud”. 🙂 ❤ Thanks on the bears!!

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