Who is the Alpha Here?

red-bellied woodbecker and dove at the feeder (640x546)You know, if you don’t take turns, neither of you feel comfortable to eat. Who won?

woodpecker with dove and suet in beakBoth. The dove got a beak full or two of suet.

woodpecker coming over top to get suet (640x505)And then the red-bellied woodpecker did.

I shared my tomatoes with two of my neighbors and my daughter and SIL. I had no idea I’ve have that many tomatoes from three plants!

Back to working on the SEAL wolf book!

Have a great day!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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2 thoughts on “Who is the Alpha Here?

  1. Good morning Terry,
    here the Dove will have won ! the Morning doves here are bigger that the red-bellied woodpecker. more aggressive but prefer the seeds to the Red-bellied he like both so he can eat the suet in peace .

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