The Behinder I Am….

You know how that goes, right? The behinder you are, the more behind you’re bound to get?

But something happened. I think I went through that magical fairy door and suddenly, I’m two days ahead. Yes! Truly! No magical tale. And I’m still trying to figure out how that happened. But not too hard.

really up close blue and whtie flowers1 (640x427) fall colors bridge (2) toffee colors sunlight underneath bridge (640x427) bridge and purple flowers 600x400So yes, I’m 4,000 ahead, but all I do is adjust my word count, so now I’m right where I’m supposed to be! And I’m no longer behind. Until the next time. Top flowers are definitely some fairy flowers at one of the castle gardens. And then the mystical ancient stone bridge that totally looks like a fairy doorway, doesn’t it? And the last is another beautiful, ancient bridge in Scotland. Which is beautiful in its own right, but add the heather and other flowers and it truly is magical!

Wishing you a magical day too!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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8 thoughts on “The Behinder I Am….

  1. a good day to you ” lady fae ”
    well if you already adjusted your word counting (sorry the word counting still don’t make sense to me) and returning from fairyland is going to send you back to the 4,000 that you were ahead will mean to do the job again. ..ouch
    I wonder if in fairy land you can have your laptop and then you don’t loose anything.
    silly idea,
    i will stay a little longer

    • lol, Lola, I have heard the fae can make you dance and dance and forget all about your other life. Then again, maybe they’d make write all about the fae and only the fae. 🙂

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