Anvil Cloud…No Rain, But Beautiful, Beautiful Clouds Anyway!

storm clouds 032 pink anvil photography (800x533)

This is an untouched photo. Isn’t it beautiful? The clouds were turning pink with the sunset. Then anvil clouds were white above, and the sky a pretty pastel blue. In the center of the cloud, lightning was flashing, but I didn’t catch it. 🙂

And I captured a picture of a green dragonfly! I couldn’t believe it. He was so far away and as I moved closer, he flew away, so I figured he was going to be just a blur. I was thrilled to see he wasn’t! 🙂

green dragonflyOkay, I was bad in that I didn’t get my word count yesterday. I was busy redoing some covers.  And sometimes I get stuck. Or I would have finished for certain!

Hope you all have a lovely day!!! It was 90 last night with a heat index of 106. That’s just not right! 🙂


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