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Cover Reveal!


Romance writer Candice Mayfair’s life changes forever when a werewolf pup bites her and turns her into an Arctic wolf shifter. As everyone knows, a newly turned wolf shifter has all kinds of issues―and for Candice it’s even worse―not being able to control her shifting is messing with her deadlines. Now it’s nearly Christmas and Owen Nottingham is searching for the woman one of his pint-sized pack members accidentally turned. He’s on a mission to convince the she-wolf to join his pack…and be his mate.

Coming in October!


When I was preparing to take this shot, mindful that birds have a habit of moving, I thought the blurred fame of the windows on the house on the block way behind my backyard and the side yard of my neighbor’s and across the street from them was really interesting. I could have changed the setting to make it even more blurred, but I really loved the way the house framed the bird and the windows were featured in an artistic way.

Okay, so I spent the day brainstorming Flight of the White Wolf and made a little progress on it. A 1,000 words, I think. The new prologue will change things a bit, and so I’ve got to go through and change it from he’s never met her in ch 1, to he’s met her in the prologue and it wasn’t a really good meeting. Which changes the dynamics completely, in a fun way. I had to add some conflict between them.

I also sent Loving the White Bear in for final proof after finishing minor edits, and it came back with cover text was in the margins, when they didn’t have any trouble with it before. So it’s back to review again.

I’m off to type up notes and hopefully get some word count in today. I am so far behind on it, that I’m going to have to revise my word count goals. 😦

Have a super great day!!!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Loving the White Bear and Galaxy Warrior are Out!

Loving the White Bear
Jan 2017
Rob MacMathan and his brother and a friend run the White Bear Wilderness Adventures Tour, White Bear, where polar bear shifters have staked a claim. This is their last tour group of the season, but when photojournalist, Alicia Raycroft, touches Rob and envisions what he sees, though her paranormal abilities deal with psychometry, whereas he’s clairvoyant, they’re both stunned. He witnesses a fight with an enraged grizzly; she sees a polar trying to eat her, which he interprets to mean he’s wearing his polar bear coat and trying to save her. In no way can he reveal the truth to her. Yet, just that connection between them pushes them to go beyond his self-imposed boundaries with both a client and a human.
Alicia is fascinated with Rob, not only because he’s rugged and handsome and just as interested in her, he intrigues her like no other man has ever done when her touching him reveals he has abilities like she has. She envisions a white bear coming for her as snow swirls about her in the Alaskan wilderness, yet she’s determined to take this trek even if it’s her last. She believes fate is predetermined and nothing she will do can change the outcome anyway. Alicia and Rob are already headed down one dangerous path, so why not risk a chance at love too? Only he has more dark secrets he’s unwilling to share

Galaxy Warrior
January 2017

Passionate embraces men and women

He’s a fighter pilot fighting the good fight in the Great Galaxy War, but when his spacecraft’s navigation is sabotaged and he’s stuck on an inhospitable desert planet awaiting repairs to his ship, he believes one woman might make his stay on the planet more than…hospitable. But the woman isn’t like any that Quaid Lassiter has ever met. She has secrets that can get him killed.

Zaira Cole is a shapeshifter, a pacifist, and is helping her scientist brother to turn the desert planet green. Her people must find the scrolls to give the High Council legitimacy and solicit help from Quaid Lassiter to train their pilots to fight in the war headed their way when they’ve always been a neutral planet. But she wants him for more than that. It’s mating season, she’s just turned of age, and she’s selected him for her mate. Now all she has to do is convince the Prince of Orion, he wants the same. And so the battle begins.

I’ll add links as I get them. I’m working on the novella for Heart of the Wolf now, then back to Flight of the White Wolf!
Have a terrific day!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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A Christmas Story from Caryn Moya Block

The Volkov Twins and The Christmas Cookies

By Caryn Moya Block


While snow fell outside coating the ground in a blanket of white, inside the Siberian Alpha’s lodge a different kind of snow fell as Katya, Karina, and Illarion make Christmas cookies for the Alpha and his mate.

Babushka – Grandma, Illarion is going too fast. I can’t keep up with him,” five year old Karina complained glaring at Illarion, the boy who in the future would be her twin sister Katya’s mate. The three of them stood around the table in the kitchen. Karina’s grandmother, Yelena, looked over, but went back to playing with their new baby sister, Vera.

“Me do, me do,” their three year old little brother Rurik demanded as he jumped up and down at the edge of the table. His dark hair fell around his face while his blue eyes begged to be included. Illarion winked at Rurik.

“Rurik,” Yelena called. “Could you get me the diaper bag? Vera needs changing.” The little boy ran to his grandmother across the room.

She whispered something in his ear and he grinned widely before scampering off to find the bag full of diapers.

“You don’t have to be so exacting, Karina. Just roll the cookie in the sugar,” Illarion said, leaning over to plop another ball into the bowl of powdered sugar.

“It has to be evenly coated. You wouldn’t want a cookie only partially covered.” Karina dipped her fingers back into the bowl of sugar and rolled the cookie balls around making sure each one was dusted. “It has to be done properly! Katya, tell him.” Karina looked at her twin sister, hoping for back up.

“Karina,” Katya sighed, “Would you like me to help you with the powdered sugar?” Katya took the sugar covered balls out of the bowl and set them in rows on the cooking sheets.

“No, I can do it. I want to surprise Mom and Dad when they get back. Mom said Russian Tea Cakes are her favorite Christmas cookies.”

Illarion wrinkled his nose. Katya glanced over at him and chuckled.

Karina frowned wondering if they spoke telepathically to each other. It was hard sharing Katya with the older Illarion. He was so irritating at times, acting like he knew better than Karina what her twin was thinking. Katya was her sister.

“What? You don’t like Russian Tea Cakes?” Karina asked.

“I like all the food that comes out of this kitchen, isn’t that right, Yelena?” Illarion asked, walking over to the sink and washing his hands.

Karina looked over and realized that only a few cookies were left to be dusted. Katya pulled over one more cooking sheet and began to fill it.

“Oh, yes, Illarion. You eat everything.” Yelena wrapped the baby back up in a blanket and then kissed Vera on the nose.

“We’re almost done, Babushka. Karina only has six or so to go.” Katya said.

“Leave the trays of cookies, I’ll deal with them after I lay your sister down for her nap.” Both Karina and Katya nodded.

“Katya, I thought of a gift for your parents,” Illarion said, his light blond hair falling across his eyes. He swiped it out of the way. “If, you and Karina want to do it?”

“What?” Karina asked. Did he really have a good idea or was he teasing again?

“I thought I could take your picture on the camera your Mom bought me for my birthday. You could make a nice frame and give the picture to them for Christmas.”

“Wow, that sounds great,” Katya said. “What do you think, Karina? Mom and Dad won’t be home until dark. We could go outside and take a few pictures once you’re done coating the last cookies.”

Karina thought a moment, and then picked up her pace with the dough balls. Mom loved pictures and Dad loved whatever made Mom happy. “Okay. All done,” she said and wiped her hands on a towel. “Let’s go, if it’s all right with you, Babushka?”

“Go. I’ve got my hands full with your little brother and sister. Don’t forget a wrap,” Yelena called after the children running out the back door. She shook her head and ruffled Rurik’s hair. “Don’t worry Rurik, I have a project you can help me with once Vera is asleep.”




I hope you liked this little excerpt from the lives of the Volkov Children. For more information on the Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series, go to http://CarynMoyaBlock.com. I’ve included the recipe for the Russian Tea Cakes below. Enjoy!

(Photo of tea cakes and recipe from: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/russian-tea-cakes-2860)


Makes about 3 1/2 dozen




2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, room temperature

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3/4 cup finely chopped husked hazelnuts, toasted

Powdered sugar




Sift flour and salt together. (Set aside) Using electric mixer, cream butter in large bowl until light. Gradually add 1/2 cup sugar and beat until fluffy. Add vanilla. Mix in dry ingredients in 3 batches. (One third at a time) Mix in hazelnuts. Refrigerate at least 1 hour or up to 12 hours.

Preheat oven to 400°F. Form dough into 1-inch balls. Space 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake until just firm to touch, about 15 minutes. Transfer to rack and cool slightly. Roll in powdered sugar. Cool completely. Roll cookies in powdered sugar again. Store in airtight container.


Lycan’s Mate

Book Twelve of the Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series

Cross-Over to Shadow Walker Romance Series.

Gwen Quiet Thunder has fought against her Lycan roots her whole life. She didn’t want anything to do with the wolf inside her and couldn’t fathom finding a mate in a Lycan. She thought all Lycan men were like the boy who terrorized her while growing up, mean, cruel, and aggressive. So when the mating bond snaps into place with her future brother-in-law, there’s only one thing to do. Run.

Mischa Sokolov, Siberian Lycan is thrilled to find his future sister-in-law is also his mate. She may be having some problems accepting the inevitable, but he never expected her to run and put an ocean between them. The more he tries to connect with her, the more she pushes him away. But Lycans only get one heartmate and mate for life. He’s going to have to prove to Gwen that she can trust him with her heart or lose the one woman meant to be his.

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Moon Kissed Romance
Hope you enjoyed Caryn’s tale!! 🙂
“What is your favorite Christmas Cookie?” The first ten to comment below will win an eBook copy of one of Caryn’s novels.
Merry Christmas early!

Five of the 1st in the Heart of the Wolf and Heart of the Jaguar Series Books Free at Major Book Sites!

Terry Spear Free Promotion

Heart of the Wolf is free for a limited time!!! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, be sure and grab it! It made Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Book of the Year for a mass marketed book, only 5 selected for the year!

Heart of the Wolf

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If you haven’t had a chance to grab a copy of Destiny of the Wolf, first in the series involving the beloved Silver Town Wolf Pack, here it is for free! Feel free to share the freebie! My publisher has never offered any of my books for free before.

Destiny of the Wolf

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Heart of the Highland Wolf

And one of those gorgeous hunks of SEAL wolves, the USA Today Bestselling, A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing, is also free for a limited time. Please share, write a loving review telling us how much of a hunk of burning wolf love he is, and enjoy! This has the first title with SEAL in it, but the real first book that mentions the SEALs is To Tempt the Wolf. Hunter is the SEAL team leader and you learn about him in that book.

A Seal in Wolf's Clothing

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006PJ6V26

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Last, Savage Hunger is also free, first in the series of the jaguar shifters! Limited time only. No, I don’t get paid anything for free books, but if you haven’t read them, you might want to give them a chance! And who knows? You might be swept away in the jungle heat.



BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-savage-hunger-terry-spear/1108936806?ean=9781402266928

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Okay, enjoy!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Fun with Photographing Cardinals

cardinals 069 (640x427)female on chair mohawk (640x427)female on basket below peanuts (640x427)

The female was sitting on the seed plate, the sunflower seeds all gone. But she was sitting there as if waiting for me to bring out the seeds.

female at feeder (640x427)female on seed plate (640x427)

Then she went to the feeder.

To the chair.

Then discovered the new suet/peanut/sunflower seed feeder overhead. She was up there and gone so fast, I was only able to get one shot that wasn’t really clear. She hasn’t been back since, at least while I’ve been watching. The male was looking for the seeds on the patio. I put those down there for some of the birds that like to eat them off the patio. The other feeders, the finch one is empty because I don’t have any finches. And so none of the birds ate the seeds. I finally poured it out for them. The one below that similarly can remain filled for months and not be touched. So the like the simple plate with the seed on it. The reason it’s broken? The wild cat that roams the area knocked the table over and broke that and a decorative planter I had sitting on there. 😦

And that’s my fun with photographing cardinals.

Back to writing…

Have a super day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Website: http://www.terryspear.com

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I LOVE Creating Stories…

Taming the Wild Cougar WEB 05082015

Do you love doing something LOTS? I’ve loved creating stories since I was a kid. My dad told us stories when I was young too. It’s just something I have to do. And I love doing it.

So I’ve been working away at Cougar and it’s really getting closer to being finished.

I decided to set up a preorder for Taming the Wild Cougar. Everyone will have a chance to buy it at the reduced price of 99 cents (USD) for the brand new full length novel. I’ve never done a PREORDER for a book this far in advance for a single title. And I’ve never offered a brand new release as practically a giveaway. This will not last long. Just through the first week of release, and then it will be available at the regular price of $4.99. So if you’d like it, be sure and get it early! 🙂


cougar turning (640x427)

Cougar shifter, Dr. Kate Parker, is planning her annual camping vacation alone this year. She runs into trouble before she even starts her trip in the form of one wounded, hot cougar undercover cop—or so he says. He’s not going along with just her tender loving care because he came into town as a cougar, and he needs her help to get him back to where he can take up the search to look for an arms dealer, who just happens to be a cougar too.
Leyton Hill slipped into the unlocked, darkened clinic, figuring his luck had just changed. Except he doesn’t plan for the good doctor to be napping in her office. Taking him on her vacation wasn’t in the plan, and taking her hostage, hadn’t been either, but now she’s stuck with him until he can get back to his mission and the chase at hand. It appears the roles have reversed and who’s holding whom hostage now?


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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SEAL Wolf Hunting is OUT!!!

After months of writing, more weeks of editing, and more revising, and proofing, and in the meantime writing 4 more books–Silver Wolf Christmas (Oct 2015), She-Wolf Leader of the Pack (Feb 2016), SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble (Summer 2016), Phantom Fae (Apr 2015), and 55,000 words into Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing (25,000 words to go, woohoo!), while promoting the new release of Jaguar Pride (Feb 2015) it seems like eons ago that I wrote SEAL Wolf Hunting. An eternity.


Book 17

Book 17

Phantom Fae

Don’t have covers for SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, or She-Wolf, or Billionaire yet. 🙂

And here you all thought I was goofing off!!!! With trips, and book signings, and playing with puppies and taking pictures, and visiting zoos and wolf parks and well, just plain old goofing off.

But you see writing is REALLY my day job and unlike Rick Castle on CASTLE, who writes one book a year, I get a little more done in a year. I have to. I have 3 wolf books and a jaguar book coming out next year. And more, when I can find the time. See if you can match that, Rick Castle.  Oh, sure, he’s running around flirting with Detective Kate Becket and helping her to solve murder cases, but that’s the same as taking trips to zoos, playing with puppies, and taking pictures–time-wise, right?

And yet he’s a multi-millionaire crime thriller novelist. Hmm, maybe I should switch genres. Oh, I know it’s because the women flock to him and books aren’t the only thing that he’s signing. *sigh*

So I have to make do with what I have and…write more.

Book 16

Book 16

I have to thank my fans for loving my books though. You are my inspiration! Every time I write a scene, I wonder–will you love it as much as I do? I’ve been writing some fun scenes in Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, and those scenes make the book memorable to me. But every book has them.

Even after writing so many other books, nearly 5 since I wrote SEAL Wolf Hunting, I still can vividly see some of my favorite scenes–Paul Cunningham, retired Navy SEAL wolf who now does undercover freelance work has come home with his SEAL team body, Allan Rappaport, after a grueling mission. They lost one of the college students they were supposed to rescue.

Paul suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But I don’t belabor it. It’s just to show how something like that can make someone react to situations that others will take no note of. When Lori Greypaw realizes Paul might be reacting to situations because of PTSD, she reaches out to him, to help him deal with it. HE doesn’t believe he is having any trouble at all. But when he breaks into Allan’s mother’s home, both men covered in face paint and armed and ready to take down hostage takers, it’s funny and fun, but there’s this undercurrent of hint of trouble that Paul is dealing with, unbeknownst to anyone.

Anyone can suffer from PTSD.

So I’ve touched on it in the story, in fun ways that show that life isn’t always what’s right in front of you, but sometimes there are hidden fears that make you react to certain situations that might confound others.

Okay off to start the busy day ahead with prizes and such at my site.

I also will be giving away 5 copies of the audiobook through Audible–to lucky commenters on this blog. They are good for US and UK winners. I’m not sure if the codes will work elsewhere. But if you love shapeshifters, romance, the paranormal, wolves, mystery, suspense, action and humor, and enjoy audible books, just tell me why you’d love to listen to this story, and I’ll throw you in the pot for a free copy!

Have a super great day! Mine is on top of the moon because it’s RELEASE DAY!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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